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IILF chennai 2017

India international leather fair (IILF) chennai 2017 is 32nd trade fair. It's one of the greatest fair in which major countries dealing in leather industry participate actively like Germany, Italy ,Middle East, Bangladesh and India itself.

Although leather industry comes under small scale industry but due to range of products used in whole process involved in manufacturing the leather goods, it unites many other small scale industries making leather industry a large scale.

Talking about the products which are used in leather industry lets start from the beginning which will help in giving tu a clear vision of things involved in leather trade fair.

Firstly come the raw hides and skins in which treatment are performed through chemicals. So these two are the primary and the most basic things involved in manufacturing of leather.

Once the tanning is done now comes finishing. According to the application different kind of chemicals and machines are used to give required finished leather .

As we have seen so far, it has unite 3 industries which are :

  • Raw hides and skins

  • Chemicals

  • Machineries

All these industries are too vast to be described and cover half of the process through which you get finish product in market.

Now moving forward, finished leather are moved to factories who deals in making leather products such as

  • Footwear

  • Accessories

  • Upholstery etc

So the finished leather are moved to factories in which it are processed again through machineries and many are converted to handmade accessories which are now moved forwarded to wholesalers and retailers.

Coming back to point, IILF plays a major role in uniting manufacturers, wholesalers,importers,exporters and retailers.

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